The New Pioneer Woman Snack Mixes Are Perfect for On-the-Go Munching

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Photo credit: Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

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Summer is on its way out and we're racing full speed ahead to the start of first day of fall. For most of us, it's the busiest time of year as the kiddos head back to the classroom and all those after school activities start back up. Between work, helping with homework, and getting everyone to practice—there's hardly time for anything else.

Ree Drummond definitely knows what that's like. That's why we've always been able to count on her easy dinner recipes and even easier after-school snacks to make it through the busy season. And now, she's making our days even easier! Next time you need to pack an on-the-go bite to eat, you can reach for The Pioneer Woman's brand-new line of Snack Mixes! This is not a drill! They're available now at Walmart (for less than $5!) and are every bit as delicious as they sound. 😍

Now that we've got you hungry for more—let's get to Ree's recipes! With three scrumptious flavors to choose from, there's something for everyone. "I'm so excited to share with everyone my new snack mixes! Each variety of mix contains a variety of goodies like dark chocolate mini cups, nuts, caramel corn, and more, to make sure we’re satisfying all types of tastebuds!" says Ree Drummond.

There's the Pecan Sticky Buns Snack Mix, which is a sweet and nutty harmony of honey roasted pecans, white confectionary mini cups, and cinnamon sugar caramel coated puffs. Then for all you chocolate lovers out there—Knock You Naked Brownie Snack Mix contains gourmet caramel corn, salted pecans, mini brownie cookies, rich dark chocolate mini cups, milk chocolate caramel filled mini cups and coconut cashews. And finally, Ree's favorite: Spicy Cowgirl Snack Mix. With a blend of almonds, cashews and pecans coated in cocoa powder, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper plus dark chocolate mini cups with mocha flavored filling and white confectionary mini cups, it's perfect for those sweet and spicy cravings.

They're so good, we wouldn't blame you for sitting down with a handful even after the day is done. You can munch happily while watching an episode of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, of course. You might even grab a few bags and serve them up at the next big event you host. They're sure to make a popular addition to any appetizer table! (That is, if you're willing to share.) 😂