Pig Uses 'Talking Buttons' to Tell Mom What He Wants and People Are Cracking Up

We can't get enough of this guy's demands.

There are some days that we're sure every pet owner really wished they'd never gotten a talking button. Like when they're trying to take a nap. Take it from one woman on TikTok, who seemed like she was really pretty peeved with herself for getting her pet piglet one. 

We can't even begin to describe the look on Mina Alali's face (@mina.alali) when she realized that her pig Merlin was calling for her. The mom was laying down when she heard his unique call. 

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"What I live with," she joked in the video's text overlay. The clip shows Alali getting out of her bed. And when she gets into the kitchen she hears the button in all its glory. "I want a vegetable," it says. Sigh, we guess Merlin wanted a snack. 

With over 550,000 views, people in the comments section were cracking up. "The way you flung it on the floor. I’m CACKLING," @maryherrington4 wrote. "I love the ‘sorry was I bothering you?’ look," @virginiaisforlovers_1990 teased. "LMAO He flipped the button in his hangry rave!!!" @dostthouevenderp5841 pointed out. "The remix to ignition. He wants greens from the kitchen," @vickymcgee joked. 

It's not so much that Merlin wanted a snack that probably had his mama's eyes rolling. It's the repeated use of the button that would drive anyone up a wall. Or as Alali herself joked in the caption: "Wish he would just say what he wants."

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