People flock to Twitter to congratulate Miss Philippines for winning Miss Universe 2018

Miss Philippines, Catriona Gray, was crowned 2018 Miss Universe. Gray has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and was expected to do well ahead of the event. She is famous for walking in slow motion, a trick that has been nicknamed the “lava walk.”

During the fashion show elements of the program, Gray dazzled in the evening gown competition and sizzled in a swimsuit. But it takes more than looks to win the crown.

Gray answered some tough questions, including a query about her thoughts on legalized marijuana. She said, “I’m for it being used in a medical use but not so for recreational use, because I think if people argue about what about alcohol and cigarettes, then everything is good in moderation.”

Gray also discussed her work in low-income areas of the Philippines, saying she tries to “find the beauty” in desolate circumstances. When asked how she would act as Miss Universe, she said, “I think if I could teach also people to be grateful we could have a great world where negative would not foster and children would have a smile on their face.”

According to CNN Philippines, Gray is the fourth Miss Philippines to be crowned Miss Universe.

2018 Miss Universe aired Sunday at 4 p.m. on Fox.

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