A.P.C. and L Catterton Partner Up for Brand's Global Expansion

A.P.C. has agreed to sell a major stake to investment firm L Catterton as a way to expand on the brand's global presence.

Thanks to the partnership, "there is potential to grow A.P.C. from its current €100 million-plus annual turnover to above €300 million in the near future," reports Vogue Business.

L Catterton Europe partner Eduardo Velasco says, "In fashion, A.P.C. is one of those companies which is authentically differentiated with a real soul. And this is true globally. They appeal to a large spectrum of consumers, who are super loyal. And typically at L Catterton, this is what we are looking for. Brands like A.P.C. have the potential to leverage our global capabilities to go forward to the next step."

Velasco added, "Our aim is always to preserve the brand values while improving the value proposition: branding, product, channels, supply, structure."

L Catterton is supported by LVMH. Additionaly, L Catterton has recently partnered up with other brands, such as Etro, Birkenstock, Gentle Monster, Ganni and Savage x Fenty.

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