The one ‘Bluey’ episode not available on Disney Plus can now be watched on YouTube

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely watched an episode, or two, of “Bluey” before.

We actually wouldn’t be at all surprised if you said you’ve seen every episode of “Bluey” so far. But if you’re a parent living in America, there is likely at least one episode you and your kids haven’t seen yet.

Back in 2020, there was an episode of “Bluey” titled “Dad Baby.” The 7-minute long episode features the usual gang and their typical imaginations.

The show follows as Bingo and Bluey explore pregnancy after Bingo stumbled upon one of their parent’s old baby carriers. The episode is riddled with laughs as Bluey asks his dad to pretend he’s pregnant with Bingo who is hiding in the baby carrier he’s wearing.

Bandit jokes about the symptoms of being pregnant, pulling inspiration from wife Chilli. It’s reminiscent of the videos often seen on social media of a person strapping a watermelon to their bodies in order to see what it’s like to be pregnant.

In the end, Bandit pretends to give birth to Bingo in a blow up pool with the help of his neighbor.

Now, the episode is available on the show’s official YouTube page.

While there are theories about why the episode was banned from Disney Plus in America, the reason why was never made expressly clear. The show’s creator Joe Brumm talked about the episode with The Hollywood Reporter in June 2023.

“You’ve gotta be really careful in preschool,” he said. “Lots of words have to get changed, and then behaviors and concepts get dulled down. And eventually I would just hit these walls, and sometimes I’d say, ‘Look, I can’t change this. This is too funny.’ Or, ‘I like it too much.’”

Brumm then mentions the episode, saying “’Dad Baby’ for instance, doesn’t get shown in America. But what are you going to do, not make ‘Dad Baby’? I love it,” he said.

The reveal of this controversial episode comes just weeks after the biggest and longest episode of “Bluey” aired, wrapping up season three of the show.

It’s unclear when season four will premiere. However, the show’s creators surprised fans with a “Surprise” episode just a week ago, now available on Disney Plus. Have you watched it yet?