Oliver Stone was worried 'Platoon' would be ruined by Charlie Sheen's terrible decision

Charlie Sheen reminisced about some of his earlier films on Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday night. While the famous actor has certainly made many successful films in his career, one of his first films was so bad it almost ruined one of his best films.

Just four weeks before the critically acclaimed film Platoon was released, the film The Wraith came out. The Wraith starred Sheen as a teenager who’s killed by a racing gang and then returns as a supernatural street-racer to get his revenge. For whatever reason, he also drives a 1986 Dodge M45 concept car nicknamed “The Wraith.” Sheen admitted, “It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, still.”

The movie was not only a disaster at the box office, it was also just a bad movie. When Platoon director Oliver Stone saw the film at the theater, he was quite upset. Sheen recalled Stone angrily calling him, “He says, ‘You cannot do films like this. What is this movie about? What are you, a car? Are you a car? Perhaps, you've ruined Platoon?’"

Despite Stone’s concerns, Platoon was a massive success making over $138 million at the box office and winning four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

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