38 Very Specific Christmastime Things That'll Take Any Gen X'er Or Old Millennial On A Nostalgic Trip Right Back To Their '80s Childhood

1.Making your parents take you to McDonald's so that you could get the holiday edition Muppet Babies stuffed animals:

Muppet Babies
Muppet Vintage/ etsy.com

2.And also making your parents buy fast food Christmas tree ornaments (because the commercials for them made you feel like you needed them):

Christmas tree ornaments

3.Hanging acrylic Christmas stockings on the mantle that always felt very flimsy and were probably very huge fire hazards:

Christmas stockings
Rolployz/ etsy.com

4.Watching lots of random Hanna-Barbera Christmas specials:

Hanna-Barbera Christmas special
Hanna-barbera / ©Hanna-Barbera/Courtesy Everett Collection

5.Being a little scared when watching Mickey's Christmas Carol, 'cause it was a tad darker than you expected:

Screenshot from " Mickey's Christmas Carol."

6.Getting Ziggy cards from your grandma or aunts:

A Ziggy card

7.Taking some sorta holiday photo that looked like this (basically, lots of cheap velvet, plaid, and faux satin):

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8.And wearing lots of itchy and thick holiday sweaters — that were literally what we would call "ugly Christmas sweaters'" today:

Christmas sweaters
216Vintage/ etsy.com

9.Circling all the toys you wanted from the Sears Wish Book...

Christmas wish book

10....and Toys "R" Us Christmas Dream Book in hopes that your parents would see it and secretly buy it for you for Christmas:

Christmas Dream Book 1985
Geek. Dad. Life./ youtube.com

11.Also, keeping an eye out for the games and toys featured in the Toys "R" Us commercials ('cause you knew those had to be the coolest):

12.Decorating your Christmas tree with ball ornaments that felt like they were made with faux silk threads...

Christmas tree ornaments
ThePoetryofNice/ etsy.com

13....lots of gaudy tinsel and garland...

A young girl decorating a Christmas tree
Classicstock / Getty Images

14....and/or also with pearl garlands if your family wanted a ~fancy~ tree:

Closeup of a Christmas tree
William Nation / Getty Images

15.Listening to these two albums over and over while helping your parents decorate the tree:

Disney's Christmas Favorites

16.And, of course, also listening to Time Life's Jingle Bell Rock album:

Jingle Bell Rock
AuntEntiysVintage/ etsy.com

17.Making stitch decorations with your mom or grandma:

Christmas Stitchery kit
WhirligigEmporium/ etsy.com

18.Going over to your grandma's house and seeing her decorate her house with decorative plates...

A decorative plate
GenesisVintageShop5/ etsy.com

19....and that ceramic light-up Christmas tree that burned you if you touched it:

Ceramic Christmas tree
CarolCraftyCreation/ etsy.com

20.Watching the yearly Bob Hope Christmas special with your parents:

A man dressed like Santa
NBC/ Courtesy Everett Collection

21.Eating off holiday geese vinyl placemats that looked like these:


22.Having fugly metal tins around your house that doubled as both decorations and places to store Christmas tree ornaments:

A Christmas tin
JunqueDuJour/ etsy.com

23.And also having strictly red candles as part of the decorations:

Red candles
Horst Ossinger/picture alliance via Getty Images

24.Having all the presents under the tree be wrapped in very shiny and gaudy wrapping paper — also, it being strictly wrapped boxes 'cause gift bags weren't really a thing:

Christmas presents under the tree
H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images

25.Begging your parents to buy you cartoon-themed Christmas wrapping paper and then refusing to use it 'cause it was way too cool:

Christmas wrapping paper

26.Getting a Holiday Barbie and not being able to take it out of the box 'cause it was a collector's item:

Happy Holidays Barbie

27.Watching Gremlins because you and your family thought it was a cute family movie, but instead finding out it's actually pretty scary and also having Kate's monologue about what happened to her dad pretty much tip you off that Santa wasn't real:

28.Watching Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas and thinking it was the coolest Christmas special ever:

A Claymation Christmas Celebration

29.And having so many feels while watching A Muppets Christmas (it got all the Muppets from the different shows together!!!):

A Muppets Christmas
Henson/ Courtesy Everett Collection

30.Making sure you didn't miss A Charlie Brown Christmas because A.) It was the rare cartoon that aired on primetime and B.) It was literally the only time you could watch it:

A Charlie Brown Christmas
/ Courtesy Everett Collection

31.Helping or being forced to untangle Christmas lights that looked like this (these also burned your hands if you touched them when they were lit):

Christmas lights
vintageatmosphere5/ etsy.com

32.Having extra Christmas lightbulbs (to replace all those burned out ones) in boxes that looked like this:

Christmas lightbulbs

33.Setting up these giant-ass, hollow plastic candles outside that always toppled over when the wind blew too strong:

Plastic candles

34.Receiving a Cabbage Patch doll even if you didn't ask for one 'cause it was THE GIFT to give:

Cabbage Patch dolls
Bettmann/Corbis / Getty Images

35.Begging for Teddy Ruxpin as a gift, even though it was creepy AF:

Teddy Ruxpin
James Keyser / Getty Images

36.And really begging your parents to get you a Nintendo:

DKOldiesOfficial/ etsy.com

37.Never having enough D batteries Christmas morning for all your new toys ('cause literally every toy took, like, five D batteries to work):

Batteries in a toy
u/jsakic99/ reddit.com

38.And lastly, having the Fruity Pebbles Christmas commercial play every 10 minutes and knowing the whole thing by heart: