Old Navy's wildly popular holiday face masks are on sale for Black Friday—50 percent off!

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Spread joy without even saying a word. (Photo: Old Navy)
Spread joy without even saying a word. (Photo: Old Navy)

Black Friday has arrived early at Old Navy, in a big, big way. The retailer’s gone and knocked down the prices of Every. Single. Thing. That’s right; every item in every category marked way down. And when already-reasonable prices are slashed so low, well there’s no reason not to go a little wild. You’ll get a cartful of goodies for not a lot of cash—and meet the needs of your gift list way before crunch time.

What we’re most excited about: As part of this early sale, Old Navy has marked down its popular triple-layer cotton masks too. These masks are so great they sold out almost immediately when Old Navy released them back in May. Now not only are they restocked, but they’re also on sale—in warm winter colors and playful holiday prints. Sold in mixed packs of five—formerly $12 but now 50 percent off, making them $6.25—you’ll get variety no matter which pack you pick. And a great price-per-mask regardless ($1.25).

Grab them right now, on the cheap, for stashing in coat pockets, backpacks, the glove compartment—and, of course, Christmas stockings. Reviewers rave about their coverage and fit (adjustable elastic loops make the difference). One such fan, who works in healthcare, chimes in: “Being in the medical field, I wear masks ALL day! These are the only masks that I continue to go to when I'm off the clock. I LOVE the way they fit!! They cover fully, I don't have any issues with my glasses fogging up, and the way they adjust behind the ear is really fantastic. I can't say enough good things about these masks! My entire family uses them!”

Here are some favorites, with options for kids and adults. Snap them up fast. At these prices, they’re sure to sell out.

Masks for adults

Mad for Plaid pack of five adult-size masks

Tartan and friends: Old Navy's Mad for Plain pack. (Photo: Old Navy)

If you’re a fan of classic patterns, the Mad for Plaid pack is a good way to go. The three plaids bring a hint of holiday cheer, while the solid blue and white masks won’t steal focus from your intentionally over-the-top Christmas sweater. “Love everything about these masks!” wrote one delighted shopper. “I am always being complimented on them!” Says another: “A lot of masks are so stuffy and it's hard to breathe with them on but not these!” And here’s a report from an educator (as we bow in gratitude for their work): “I'm a teacher and I talk all day long. I've tried many different masks to find one that I can tolerate all day. Old Navy masks are hands down my favorite.”

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults in Mad for Plaid, $6.25 for five (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

Holiday Red pack of five adult-size masks

The Holiday Red Pack: florals and checks and solids, oh my! (Photo: Old Navy)

We’re finally admitting to ourselves that masks are the most visible part of our outfits these days—and they actually make a difference. For this season and all seasons, daytime and nighttime, casual wear and evening wear, there’s the Holiday Red five-pack. To have these pretty, sophisticated options on hand makes it easier to get out the door. Light and dark florals work with chunky knits or summery dresses (though we’re all hoping to be stashing our masks by the time the weather warms up). That cool Buffalo check? It keeps you on theme for all manner of holiday activity, from tree-shopping to curbside bourbon pickup (what? it’s for eggnog!). As one shopper put it, Old Navy masks are the “most comfortable face coverings out there. Lots of patterns, something for every style. It’s easy to coordinate your outfit.” This pack is a great gift for a fashion-y friend.

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults in Holiday Red, $6.25 for five (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

Such a Sweetheart pack of five adult-size masks

The mask pack known as "Such a Sweetheart" emanates love when you can't give a hug. (Photo: Old Navy)

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so last season. For 2020, you can put it right on the kisser. The Such a Sweetheart set features three cute heart designs—cool and sophisticated, not corny—and two solids (pink and peach are flattering on most skin tones) that’ll help you beam positivity. A happy five-star reviewer says: “Finding a mask that isn't suffocating me or falling off my face has proven very difficult...until now! These masks are great. Love the cute prints! They fit well and the ear adjusters are perfect!”

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults, $6.25 for five (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

Masks for kids

Dinosaur pack of five kid-size masks

The Dinosaur pack for kids is a prehistoric-holiday mashup. (Photo: Old Navy)

Ah, the classic holiday sight of a stegosauruses wrapped in Christmas lights...wait, what? Kids don’t care about historical accuracy. Whatever motivates them to slip on their mask is good with us. Triceratops transporting fir trees on their backs? Sure! This giggle-worthy five-pack will delight your resident dino expert—and that’s good news, with mask mandates in place. Raves one mom about this Old Navy grouping: “It's the only mask that my toddler keeps on.” Another praises the adjustable ear straps for keeping the masks in place: “They work great for my 4, 7, and even 10 year old. Love the designs too!”

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Kids in Dinosaurs, $6.25 (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

Fair Isle pack of five kid-size masks

 The Fair isle mask pack for kids features sweet, retro patterns and solids. (Photo: Old Navy)

The cute colors and patterns like those in this Fair Isle set are some of the reasons parents rave about Old Navy masks. But the great fit, low price, and ease of washing are what keep folks coming back. Says one happy reviewer: “Old Navy masks last after constant washing in the washing machine!” This batch provides a nice range of colors for kids who like to match their mask with their outfit. “My petite 10-year-old squealed when she saw these masks,” wrote another parent. “They fit her perfectly, and don't slide down her nose when she talks. Well done, Old Navy!”

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Kids in Festive Fair Isle, $6.25 (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

Plaid Tidings pack of five kid-size masks

This kids' set brings Plaid Tidings, in small sizes. (Photo: Old Navy)
This kids' set brings Plaid Tidings, in small sizes. (Photo: Old Navy)

“Super cute” is a description that pops up a lot in these mask reviews. One parent gave Old Navy kids’ masks the ultimate compliment when she wrote, “My four year old loves these,” adding that they are well made and “fit nicely.” Another recently declared Old Navy’s masks to be “the best cloth face masks I have. The adjustable ear straps are great to get the perfect fit.” This classic plaid set is perfect for kids who want to match their pjs—or their parents (see the very top option in this article). Stock up on any of the above, and your whole family can breathe a little easier—and really enjoy the holidays.

Shop it: 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Kids in Plaid Tidings, $6.25 (was $12.50), oldnavy.com

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