Obsessed with 'X-Men '97'? Now you can stay in Professor X's mansion thanks to Airbnb

Airbnb is renting out a recreation of the X Men manion
Airbnb is renting out a recreation of the X Men manion

If you've been obsessively watching X-Men '97 as much as we have, you probably also wish you could live in Professor X's school. Well, now you're in luck!

Airbnb is renting out a recreation of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, modeled after the throwback cartoon, and even includes the severed head of a giant Sentinel.

Conservatives hate the new X-Men cartoon because it's too gay — which is why we love it — and too "woke," but it's raking in millions of viewers and has quickly become one of the most popular shows on Disney+. Now, Airbnb wants a piece of the pie.

The travel and tech company has renovated a hilltop mansion in Westchester County, New York, to look exactly like the school for mutants in X-Men '97, including hand-painted walls meant to look two-dimensional like the animated series. You'll also be able to explore Professor X's office, Beast's lab, and a "danger room," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Other bedrooms are modeled after fan-favorite characters like Jubilee and Wolverine (his alarm clock even has his signature claw marks), and it promises easter eggs for X-Men '97 superfans.

Overnight guests will be treated to a tour hosted by actors playing different X-Men characters; they'll also make cocktails in Beast's lab, and get combat training from a stunt man.

The mansion is part of Airbnb's new "Icons" properties that will allow visitors to feel like they are inside their favorite movies and TV shows. Not only can you pay to star in the X-Mansion, but you can also stay overnight at a recreation of the house from Pixar's Up in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Unlike in the film, it won't be carried away by thousands of balloons, but it will be hoisted into the air a crane.

You can also stay in Prince's Purple Rain house or the headquarters from Inside Out, which will debut in the lead-up to the June 2 release of Inside Out 2, and there will be experiences available too, like a "living room" performance from singer Doja Cat or a hangout sesh with comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Airbnb is adding 11 experiences to its "Icons" lineup, including stays at the Ferarri Museum in Italy (plus a lap around a track with a professional diver), the clock room of Paris' Musée d'Orsay, and a week traveling on a tour bus with reggaeton artist Feid.

"We're just trying to capture a decent cross section of pop culture. But I'm particularly excited about the extremes, either these imaginary worlds that no one has ever tried to bring to life before, or these things that are real, but you never could get access to before," Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said in an interview with THR. "Most people don't just hang out with Kevin Hart and get a 30 person comedy show from Kevin — he does like stadiums, you know — so we like bringing our imagination to life and being able to give you access to something that's real, but that you've never had access to before."

These might sound like extravagant experiences that are out of reach for the average consumer, but you can stay in the X-Men '97 mansion for $97 per night per person. Most of the "Icons" offerings will be first come, first serve and will either be free or under $100.

This move isn't surprising considering how much buzz the company got when it recreated the Barbie Dreamhouse to coincide with the movie hitting theaters and later the Home Alone house.