We’re Obsessed With Hailey Bieber’s "Oval Lined" Dewy Pout

At this point, it's okay for us to agree that Hailey Bieber is our go-to girl for the most fabulous beauty trends. From "glazed donut" skin and nails, we've tried every look she's put out or resurfaced. Now, at the top of the New Year, we're focused on her dewy, "oval-lined" lips — and they're such a treat.

Spotted via Instagram, the model subtly revealed the magic behind how she gets "the" look and guess what she used? *inserts a drum roll* You guessed it: lip liner. In snaps three and four of the swipe-through, you can see she penciled in the borders of her upper and lower lip along the lines of TikTok's "Oval liner" hack. You can see the lines of chic demarcation at her cupid's in a quick video clip where she used an unnamed flesh-brown liner to achieve the look. Moving on to the shine on her lips, we can only assume that it's her Lip Peptide Treatment from Rhode Skin — as this specific product is known for sealing in her "glazed" style.

We're loving this lip moment from Bieber and have included more ahead for a closer look. While we can't promise you and nepo baby treatment, we can assure you that you'll gain a hot selfie for the IG grid.