Nyambi Nyambi on How Kim Jung Gi’s Marvel Comics Art Inspires His Acting: Podcast

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In the great comic book wars, Night Court actor Nyambi Nyambi seems to be a Marvel man, and thats thanks in large part to Kim Jung Gi’s sprawling, interconnected covers for Marvel’s Civil War II series. Listen to Nyambi discuss how Jung Gi’s art influenced all aspects of his own work on this episode of The Spark Parade above, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Enthralled Jung Gi’s masterful artistry, Nyambi attended multiple live demonstrations from the South Korean illustrator prior to his passing in 2022. While perhaps an unusual place to find acting and writing inspiration, Jung Gi’s work left an indelible mark on Nyambi — especially the Civil War II covers.

“For me, when I write down a script, I see the script as images, images on a page,” he explains. “They’re images that I don’t know, so then I try to personalize those images in a way so that eventually those images become my own. It’s as though I have had a relationship with those images, with the environment, anything that’s happened around me, all my life. That’s why when I saw him drawing that piece, it was a revelation for me as an actor.”

Listen to Nyambi Nyambi dive into Kim Jung Gi’s work above or on your preferred podcast provider. Also, make sure to follow and review to support The Spark Parade, and keep up to date with all our series by following the Consequence Podcast Network. Be sure to check out Nyambi Nyambi in Night Court on Tuesday nights on NBC.

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Nyambi Nyambi on How Kim Jung Gi’s Marvel Comics Art Inspires His Acting: Podcast
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