Once known as "Puppy Doe," this K-9 now has a name

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The North Carolina K-9 pup — once known only as "Puppy Doe" — has been officially named. The Union County Sheriff's Office announced that their weeks-old German Shepard will be named "Griff" after one of their own: Sgt. Brian Griffin.

The sheriff's office made the announcement after a week-long Facebook campaign generated names from the public.

"The name 'Griff' has proven to be the most popular name with over 2,000 votes by the public," the Facebook post read. "Sgt. Griffin has been part of the UCSO's K-9 program since the year 2000 and he also supervised the unit for a period of time."

K9 puppy Griff and his namesake, UCSO Sgt. Brian Griffin. / Credit: Union County Sheriff's Office
K9 puppy Griff and his namesake, UCSO Sgt. Brian Griffin. / Credit: Union County Sheriff's Office

While "Fluffy" and "Sir Sitsalot" were quickly ruled out, the internet-wide search for the perfect name began when deputies posted that after "a considerable amount" of time and effort, they needed suggestions on what to name the puppy.

"While thinking of a name to submit, we want you to consider the following character traits observed in this new puppy up to this point," the Facebook post on August 9 read.

Griff comes from a family of service dogs, including his mother, who was an explosives detection K-9.

He enjoys long walks in the park, rolling around in the grass and tearing up new tennis balls. The one trait that stands out? He prefers his toys to be thrown overhand, not underhand.

"Your guess is [as] good as ours on this one," deputies joked.

The original Facebook post garnered thousands of  comments. Suggested names varied from Donut — because "he likes to roll around and is sweet," remarked one commenter — to law enforcement-inspired terms.

Other names in the final running included: Thor, Valor, Union, Radar, Honor, and Axel, the department said.

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