Nike and Patta Finally Unveil "The Next Wave" Air Max 1

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First introduced in October 2021, Patta and Nike's partnership featured a collaborative take on the Air Max 1 silhouette alongside a film series, dubbed The Wave. Since then, the partnership has evolved to showcase a number of new Air Max 1 colorways and now, it will include the latest iteration of the silhouette alongside a two-day mentorship program.

Nike and Patta have announced "The Next Wave" Air Max 1 which features the signature wave pattern in two new colorways. Inspired by the African proverb "Each One Teach One," "The Next Wave" promotes Patta's vision to uplift its community all over the world. As a result, the brand will host a two-day mentorship exchange, taking place at Nike's SHAPA Soweto community center in the south of Johannesburg.

"SHAPA serves as a safe space for the next generation of athletes and leaders. By bringing an exchange via the Patta Academy, we are thrilled to collaborate and connect with some of the brightest kids on the African continent through SHAPA," says Patta's co-founder Gee Schmidt in a press release.

"For Patta, uplifting its community is central to the brand's mission, and for the last few years, Patta has ignited and inspired change by building initiatives like the Patta Academy and the Patta Foundation. For us, satisfaction comes from developing product as a means to connect with our community in a deeper way. Our business was built by a collective, both physically and intellectually, and we drive success by celebrating the fabric of our community and collaborating with them at every launch," Schmidt adds.

Celebrating the launch of "The Next Wave," Patta and Nike have released a campaign shot by US-based photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. Starring creatives like illustrator Aya Brown and New York-based grill maker Eddie Plein, the campaign seeks to highlight creatives empowered by the generational exchange of ideas.

Both "The Next Wave" and the Patta Academy mentorshop will begin this month, with the new Air Max 1 collection available for purchase from August 12 from the Patta x Nike website.