Nick Lachey slams Ashley Tisdale's career following 'High School Musical'

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Nick Lachey and Ashley Tisdale went head to head in a rap battle this week on Drop the Mic.

The 98 Degrees boy-bander couldn’t help but take aim at the High School Musical star’s life post-Wildcats. “Yo, when Ashley left Disney, things turned low-key. Life ain’t been sweet since she lost Zack and Cody,” rapped Lachey. He continued: “Vanessa Hudgens used to be like your big sis. Now she replies to your texts with ‘New phone, who dis?'” Tisdale, however, immediately assured Lachey that she and V.Hudge are still besties.

While Lachey’s approach to the battle was to attack her High School Musical history, Tisdale snapped back aiming at his boy-band history. “Hey, Nick Lachey, I’m not trying to be reckless, but you’re the human equivalent of a puka shell necklace,” she rapped. “You were in a boy band, I can’t remember the name. It was something about weather and it had 10 minutes of fame.” Ouch!

Despite Lachey taking another stab at the Tiz’s career, rapping, “‘We’re All in This Together,’ wasn’t that the song? But when Zac got famous, he didn’t bring you along,” Tisdale still won the competition, and the golden mic, when she roasted him at 98 degrees, rapping, “I was an icon on Disney, I still get roles from it. The only rolls you get now are starring on your stomach. And, listen, there’s no way in hell you’re beating me. But don’t worry, Nick. There’s always other chicken in the sea.” Yeah. She went there!

Drop the Mic airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on TBS.

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