Mustafa Ali Joined TNA For Freedom, To Control His Happiness

mustafa ali
Photo Credit: Mustafa Ali via Twitter

Mustafa Ali reveals why he chose TNA over other promotions in wrestling.

He debuted in TNA in January 2024, following his WWE release the year prior. He has shone so far in the company, and currently holds the coveted X-Division title.

Mustafa Ali recently spoke with Straight Talk Wrestling, revealing that he chose to join TNA because he wanted the freedom to decide where he worked, which the company afforded him.

However, he did note that he is not tied down to the company. He is not committed to TNA, and is only committed to himself at this moment in time.

“It’s the freedom to do whatever I want. I have decided that the best thing for me is to control my happiness. I am in charge. So I am not tied down, I’m not obligated. I am not committed, I pledge allegiance to my own party. To the party of Mustafa Ali.”

“TNA is obviously an amazing organization that has provided me with some dream matchups coming up, and the opportunity to even compete for the X-Division Championship was something that was interesting to me, so I’m very, very happy with TNA. I know they’re very happy with me, and why would they not be? Sold out pay per views, no big deal!”

Mustafa Ali Is Working For TNA On A Pay-Per-Appearance Deal

Mustafa Ali is not signed to a long-term deal with TNA.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful (via Fightful Select) corroborated Ali’s claim that he is not tied down to a deal with TNA. He is on a per-per-appearance basis, which allows him to work for other promotions like NJPW.

Ali made his in-ring debut for TNA at TNA No Surrender and beat Chris Sabin to win the X-Division Championship. Despite his lack of contract, it is clear the company is high on him and expect him to remain with them for a long time.

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