Moose: Pat McAfee Was Always Charismatic, But I Was Surprised How Athletic He Is

Pat McAfee WWE Royal Rumble
Photo Credit: WWE
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Moose has some high praise for Pat McAfee.

The pair shared the field for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL. They have since both moved into wrestling, with McAfee in WWE and Moose as the TNA World Champion.

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez, Moose reflected on being teammates with Pat McAfee on the Indianapolis Colts. He then named McAfee as “the most athletic punter in NFL history” over his performances in matches in the WWE.

“Yeah, I’m good buddies with Pat [McAfee]. He’s always been a charismatic dude. I mean, the thing about Pat – and not talking down on what he does – he was a punter. He had it a little bit easier than most of the guys, especially on training camp. But the one thing that was great about Pat was he’s very charismatic, he’s very entertaining. That definitely transferred to the media. If you watch him on his show, he’s very entertaining. He’s very charismatic. I think that’s why he’s doing so great on that side of it.”

“Also in the [in-ring] side of it. I was definitely surprised by how athletic he was when he had the matches that he did with the WWE. I never knew he was that athletic, because I always saw him as a punter. He’s probably the most athletic punter in NFL history after seeing how he wrestles!”.

Moose Is Happy To Challenge Himself Against New Talent

In an interview, Moose told WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard that he’s always willing to face new talent in TNA, including new signings Mustafa Ali and Nic Nemeth.

“Oh yeah, I’m always willing to challenge myself against new guys. I don’t think I’ve ever met Mustafa, but I know of his work and I know he’s a very good professional wrestler and entertainer. Of course I’m open to doing something with him, I’m open to working with him. It’s all about timing and the right opportunity,” Moose said. “I don’t look past any opponent, so I haven’t really thought about what’s next, [or] who’s next.”

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