Mom on road trip with newborn demonstrates how she breastfeeds

Moms all over TikTok are telling us how they breastfeed without actually telling us how they breastfeed, and it’s hilarious!. A video captioned “Road trips with newborns,” from TikToker and mom Lexi Maupin (@lexilisciandra), shows Maupin splayed out across the backseat of a moving car. With one hand on a grab handle, the other on the back seat, and her shirt rolled halfway up, Maupin awkwardly leans over her baby’s car seat for a feeding. Maupin’s backseat breastfeeding amused viewers, and many could relate. Aside from a baby’s demanding feeding schedule, any changes to your body can also be jarring, leaving you wondering, “Seriously?”. a video from TikToker and mom Frejha Young (@frejhay) touches on the topic by revealing her “lopsided as hell” breasts. Young’s humorous clip struck a chord with viewers, some of whom shared that they, too, are “lopsided for life” . According to WebMD, it’s common for some people to end up with one of their breasts becoming a full cup size larger or smaller than the other after breastfeeding