Mom pranks 8-year-old son with 'weird' face mask, and his laugh has TikTok cracking up

A mom's prank on her eight-year-old son has TikTok laughing hysterically. Kenzie Brooks wanted to capture her son's laughter, so she set him up for a bit of a surprise. The mom had him hold her camera while she changed into a very unexpected face mask. The results were hilarious. "I asked my eight-year-old to record so I could get his reaction," Brooks wrote in the caption. "I'm going to show you something. Are you ready?" she said in the video. The mom then turned away from her son while she appeared to be adjusting something. "This is gonna be weird," the eight-year-old said in anticipation. When she turned out around, Brooks looked different. "Do you like my new face mask?" she asked her son. But he was already busting with laughter. Brooks had put on a face mask that made it appear as though she had a full beard. The mask was pretty convincing. The mom turned the camera around to show her son, who was crying with laughter with his head in his hands. The video received 735,000 likes on TikTok