Missing Crown Prince K-Drama: EXO’s Suho & Hong Ye-Ji’s Characters Revealed

Missing Crown Prince actors Suho and Hong Ye-Ji
Missing Crown Prince actors Suho and Hong Ye-Ji (Photo Credit: MBN)
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Missing Crown Prince, a.k.a The Crown Prince Has Disappeared, is an upcoming K-drama set to premiere in April 2024 on MBN. It stars Suho, Hong Ye-Ji, and Kim Min-Kyu in lead roles.

The story revolves around a crown prince named Lee Gon (Suho) and Choi Myung-Yoon (Hong Ye-Ji), a woman who kidnaps him. Circumstances force the two characters to flee for their lives. While on the run, romance blooms between Lee Gon and Myung-Yoon. Can he accept his kidnapper as his life partner? Viewers will find out soon.

The K-drama also features Kim Min-Kyu as Grand Prince Do Sung. After Crown Prince Lee Gon goes missing, all the responsibility falls on Do Sung’s shoulders.

Missing Crown Prince cast & their characters explored

Missing Crown Prince stars Suho as Crown Prince Lee Gon, Hong Ye-Ji as Choi Myung-Yoon, and Kim Min-Kyu as Grand Prince Do Sung.

Suho plays the lead role of a crown prince in this romantic comedy historical drama. Crown Prince Lee Gon is a loyal and responsible prince who should marry a noblewoman soon. He values his family, especially his half-brother, Grand Prince Do Sung. When he goes missing, his kingdom panics. However, they are unaware that someone has kidnapped him.

The person who kidnaps Lee Gon is Choi Myung-Yoon, the daughter of the royal physician. She is chosen to be the Crown Princess but is curious about her life partner. As per the trailer, her curiosity becomes the reason why she kidnaps Lee Gon.

Missing Crown Prince has another pivotal character, Grand Prince Do Sung, played by Kim Min-Kyu. He admires his brother, Lee Gon. According to the K-drama’s preview, he falls in love with Myung-Yoon after she saves his life. It is assumed that he doesn’t know she is chosen for the Crown Prince. When Lee Gon disappears, Do Sung begins his intense search for his brother despite dangers and threats.

While Hong Ye-Ji has earlier acted in a historical drama, Love Song for Illusion, it is the first time for EXO’s Suho and Kim Min-Kyu. Speaking about his grand prince character, Min-Kyu told Star News Korea (originally in Korean), “Actually, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel pressured because it was my first historical drama, but I was very greedy because it was a character I had never shown before.”

He continued, “If I were to dare say it, out of all the characters I’ve played, it became the one I was most attached to, and even though it hurt my heart a lot, it also became the character I cared about.”

Missing Crown Prince release date and time

Missing Crown Prince will premiere on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at 9.40 p.m. KST on MBN. Also, to be available on Viki, the K-drama will air twice a week on Saturday and Sunday.

As per MyDramaList, the synopsis reads, “A Joseon-era version of a romantic comedy about a crown prince who is kidnapped by a woman who is set to become his wife. While on the run for their lives, romance blossoms between the two.”

Director Kim Jin-Man has helmed the K-drama, while Park Chul and Kim Ji-Soo are the screenwriters. The cast also includes Kim Joo-Heon, Myung Se-Bin, Yoo Se-Rye, Jeon Jin-Oh, Seo Jae-Woo, and Kim No-Jin.

Tune in to MBN in April to watch Missing Crown Prince.

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