Millie Bobby Brown Shares How She Deals With Hormonal Breakouts and What Products Work for Them

Millie Bobby Brown isn't just another celebrity with a skincare brand that doesn't know what she's talking about, she has something to say and we're listening.

Taking to Instagram with bare skin, Brown gets candid about her acne breakouts, showing how she takes them on. At the start of the video, she says, "As you can tell, I'm having a pretty rough night with my skin. It's not very happy." The star points out that she thinks she's having a hormonal breakout. She continues on to give the masses her tips and tricks on what works for her. In the video she uses Florence by Mills' "Clear the Way" Clarifying Mud Mask as a spot treatment, applying it directly to any areas that need cleaning — leaving the mask overnight.

For good measure, Brown applied the brand's tea tree oil zit-stickers to the most inflamed blemishes that seemed to be "really angry" with her. These products work best for the young mogul's hormonal breakouts, so we also need to share the deets with our besties. Catch the full dive ahead.