In the Midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, bettter Dreams of Peace With "MRIYA_09"

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Bettter is a clear example of why standing in solidarity during harrowing times matters. With "MRIYA_09," the Ukrainian, multifaceted platform, not only campaigns for a more sustainable future within the industry, but also provides an homage to rave culture in Ukraine as a symbol of resistance and creativity.

Paving a new path within the realms of fashion earlier this year, bettter created the first algorithm for upcycling technologies to propose a solution to the detrimental impact of the industry on the planet. In collaboration with Dover Street Market, "MRIYA_09," offers a mix of functionality and intensity, accompanied by innovative and utopian visuals.

Sourced and produced in Ukraine, "MRIYA_09" consists of vivid and playful elements that stand out in the juxtaposition of tailored shapes and hybrid sportswear. The collection, which bettter refers to as "experience wear," repurposes unconventional materials, such as sleeping bags, tents and cycling gear, into one-of-a-kind garments through DIY spontaneity. Highlights include tailored suit dresses, blanket coats, swimming suits, short-sleeved rash guards and oversized shirts. Shoppers are also able to choose a pattern of their choice for the garment to further accentuate the uniqueness of the piece.

"The country we love and are now forced to fight for has been building its future on the values of freedom, equality, openness, diversity and respect towards others, their choices and their boundaries. These values we share are exactly what rave culture has long stood for, making it one of our natural inspirations and allies as we continue to promote what we believe in through our platform," bettter powerfully stated in a press release.

"MRIYA_09" is now available to pre-order on bettter's website.