Middle-Aged Shoppers Say This Face Oil Brought ‘Game Changing’ Results After 2 Weeks—Get It For 20% Off

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I’ve been seeing a TikTok video continually show up on my For You Page where rosehip oil’s benefits are compared to that of Tretinoin. It sparked a personal investigation into figuring out the connection between the two, and it’s actually quite simple:  Both ingredients contain varying amounts of vitamin A (which is no doubt a legendary tool against aging)—one just happens to be a bit gentler on renewing the skin. If you combine rosehip oil with additional skin-boosting ingredients, you’ve got an even more powerful weapon against the effects of time (and sun damage.) 

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Minimo’s Eternal Face Oil is a prime example of the above; it contains some pretty unique ingredients (such as rosehip oil!) that transform the skin into a more youthful, glowing complexion. Plus, it happens to be  20 percent off at Amazon right now, which means you can snag the ageless potion for less than $21. Just make sure the on-page coupon is automatically applied at checkout.


Minimo Eternal Face Oil

Minimo Eternal Face Oil

Price: $28.95

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In addition to rosehip oil soothing irritation and protecting against sun spots, kalahari melon oil (a non-comedogenic, non-greasy oil) visibly tightens skin and boosts its smoothness, while sachi inchi oil (another non-comedogenic oil known for its rich source of omega fatty acids) enhances the skin’s elasticity for less pronounced fine lines. Black currant seed oil is also in the mix for its ability to reverse signs of age spots and encourage faster collagen production in the skin.

It’s no joke, either. Co-founder of Prima, Jessica Assaf, previously told StyleCaster “Rosehip oil is high in essential fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which are essential to skin structure and function. The omega-6 fatty acids are integral to epidermal barrier function regulating the skin’s hydration and elasticity.” We weren’t kidding when we said it’s an ageless potion.

And it’s also worth mentioning Amazon reviewers can’t get enough of the anti-aging oil.

“This is my 3rd bottle, I use this in conjunction with the Minimo scrub and it is a game changer, I noticed results after 2 weeks of continuous use,” wrote one shopper. “I just turned 40 [years-old] and I always get compliments on my skin. I’ll never use another product THIS IS IT!”

“It has given face back some of its youthfulness…so much so that my adult kids say I am glowing,” shared a second.

Next time you’re on Amazon’s site, make sure to check out with Minimo’s Eternal Face Oil in your cart. There’s no predicting how long it will be on sale. Grab it alongside the brand’s dark spot-fading facial scrub.

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