Melania Trump’s Signature Looks a Lot Like Donald Trump’s

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.
President Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson, of all people, gave Americans a close-up look at Melania Trump’s signature when she tweeted a thank-you note that Donald Trump’s wife sent her.

The Baywatch actress and PETA spokeswoman sent Melania a faux-fur coat in February, after she went fur-free at the inauguration, despite her affinity for fur in the past. The White House has since announced that the first lady “does not wear fur.”

A big win for animal rights activists like Anderson, sure, but it also gave us a rare look at Melania’s signature. FLOTUS has stayed somewhat out of the spotlight, living at Trump Tower in New York City with the couple’s son, Barron, although she has hosted official events, such as the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, and is expected to move into the White House soon. (Barron has already been accepted at what the president calls “a good school” in the D.C. area.)

Handwriting analyst Sheila Kurtz, the founder and CEO of New York-based Graphology Consulting Group and operator of, has been studying the handwriting of President Trump since before his reality show The Apprentice went on the air. A quick look at Melania’s signature on the Anderson note struck Kurtz as incredibly similar to President Trump’s before he took office.

“Hers looks just like his, which is absolutely amazing,” Kurtz told Yahoo Celebrity.

But is it common for people who have a close relationship to begin writing in the same way? After all, we know that’s true when it comes to picking up each other’s mannerisms or style of dressing.

Kurtz said no.

“This is stylized,” noted Kurtz, who has worked with companies to screen prospective employees. “Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it’s] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.”

Public figures often use template signatures because they get a lot of mail.

The other message that Melania’s official John Hancock sends, Kurtz said, is that she’s private.

“When someone writes, and you can’t really read what they’re writing, they don’t want you to read them at all,” she explained.

Still, Kurtz, who typically analyzes a page of handwriting, rather than just a signature, detected a few things.

“The first [letter], where it goes up into a point, that’s pretty sharp and direct and gets right to it. The downstrokes — those two lines in her last name — those are very sharp,” Kurtz said. She added that sharp, straight lines indicate that a person is “a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.”

Kurtz’s take on POTUS has long been that he’s “very analytical and sharp. He’s blunt — the obvious is all there.”

Donald Trump's presidential signature has sharp points and noticeable height.
Donald Trump’s presidential signature has sharp points and noticeable height. (Photo: CNN)

Kurtz has noticed changes in Donald Trump’s handwriting since he began campaigning, and then again when he took office and began signing public documents.

“It’s so blocked up with ink,” she said of the president’s autograph of late. “Picture your blood vessels being blocked and your blood wasn’t allowed to flow — this is what it would look like. The sharpness is there, too. The sharp mind. All the letters have sharpness on top, but then they get clogged up. It has a lot to do with his expression, how he expresses himself. The tallness is the vanity.”

She said her firm has evaluated the signatures on the Constitution, and “no one writes with as much vanity as he has.”

“This is the tallest I’ve seen his signature ever,” Kurtz said. “He has to be out there, he has to be big, he has to be powerful, but he’s clogged up.”

And we just thought he had been tweeting a lot…

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