Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring Sparks Debate Among Royal Fans As It Appears 'Enlarged'

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Meghan Markle's engagement ring has caused quite a stir online as fans speculate whether she's had it changed and upgraded.

The Duchess of Sussex's band was left glaring in an Instagram photo she took last week as she joined to create awareness for her friend Kelly Zajfen's charity, Alliance of Moms.

Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring Size Sparks Debate Online

Queen Elizabeth's Friend BASHES Meghan Markle For Joining Royal Family

The former actress joined her friend for a charity awareness campaign last week, where she was seen in several snaps that showed her unintentionally flaunting her engagement ring.

Meghan modeled a "Love like a Mother" T-shirt as she supported her friend Zajfen's charity, Alliance of Moms.

In a particular snap, she can be seen laughing with Zajfen and her former "Suits" co-star Abigail Spencer while her sparkling band gleams in the sun.

One eagle-eyed fan zoomed in on her sparkler and questioned whether Meghan had gotten it upgraded, and many others joined in to share their suspicions.

Royal Fans React To Photos Of The Duchess' Engagement Ring

"Is it just me or has #MeghanMarkle's engagement ring doubled in size?" one X user quizzed. "Y'all know she hated the original-she couldn't even hide it on her face. 2 upgrades in 5 years- funny how Harry's design wasn't good enough."

"I've been saying she took the wedding ring off to slowly change the size of the diamond. It wasn't big enough for her," another person claimed.

One royal fan proposed that Meghan "probably got an upgrade after another anniversary," adding that her sparkler "does look bigger."

Meghan Markle

"That's why it went missing for so long!!! It was being enlarged!!! She proved she wasn't happy with her engagement ring Harry gave her when less than 2 years later she completely changed it!! Now, here she goes again!! Never happy that 'woman!' I feel bad for Harry for that," a fourth individual commented.

However, some other fans didn't seem to see the difference in the size of her engagement ring.

"I think it's the lighting," one person stated about the cause of the confusion.

Another X user wrote, "It looks the same to me. I know she's never loved it but the photo isn't so clear to tell."

According to Page Six, jewelry expert Maxwell Stone of Steven Stone Jewelers also addressed the issue, noting that it's "nearly impossible to discern any changes from the available photo."

Meghan Markle's Ring Has Been Worked On Before

Portrait of Meghan Markle smiling

Royal fans' suspicions about Meghan's jewelry are not baseless, as the Duchess of Sussex has had her engagement ring upgraded a few times over the years.

Meghan reportedly swapped her three-stone engagement ring's original yellow gold band from Prince Harry for a thinner pavé setting in 2019.

She wore the remodeled band as she presented her newborn son, Prince Archie, to the press.

In an interview with the BBC after his engagement to the former "Suits" actress, Harry stated that the ring was made of yellow gold and that he'd sourced the main stone from Botswana.

"The ring is yellow gold because that's [her] favorite, and the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana, and the little diamonds on either side are from my mother's jewelry collection to make sure that she's with us on this — on this crazy journey together," he shared at the time.

Meghan Markle Releases First ARO Products

Queen Elizabeth's Friend BASHES Meghan Markle For Joining Royal Family

The debate over Meghan's engagement ring comes after the mother-of-two doled out the first set of products from her American Riviera Orchard lifestyle brand.

Meghan announced the launch of her lifestyle brand via a glitzy Instagram video last month. The video was said to feature "all the things that are close to her heart."

She recently released the strawberry variant of the Brand's jam, which she gifted her friends and other influencers, with some taking to their Instagram pages to flaunt the beautiful jam jar.

According to reports, the duchess made the strawberry jam herself and used locally sourced fruits.

The Duchess' Friends Flaunt Their Jam Jars

Meghan Markle Gives Out First Set Of Her American Riviera Orchard Jam To Her Influencer Friends
Instagram Stories | Delfina Blaquier

Close friends of Meghan took to social media to flaunt their jam jars after the actress sent out the first batch.

Designer Tracy Robbins, wife of Paramount boss Brian Robbins, gushed about her jam jar on her Instagram Story: "@americanrivieraorchard breakfast, lunch, and dinner just got a little sweeter."

She added, "Thank you for the delicious basket! I absolutely love this jam so not sure I'm sharing with anyone. Thank you, M! #MontecitoGoodness #AmericanRivieraOrchard."

Robbin's jar had the text "17 of 50" written on it, meaning Meghan only released 50 jars to her friends and influencers.

Meghan Markle Gives Out First Set Of Her American Riviera Orchard Jam To Her Influencer Friends
Instagram Stories | Delfina Blaquier

The duchess gifted another jar of jam to her Argentine model pal, Delfina Blaquier, who is the wife of Prince Harry's best friend and polo player Nacho Figueras.

Blaquier took to her Instagram page and shared a snap of the jam jar, which read "10 of 50," noting that "Strawberry jam makes me happy."

Meghan also gifted Abigail Spencer a strawberry jam jar, with Spencer sharing stunning photos of herself holding the product.