Mark Wahlberg Shouts Out The Audience After They Give His New Dog Movie Arthur The King A Super High Rotten Tomatoes Score

 Mark Wahlberg and Arthur in Arthur The King.
Mark Wahlberg and Arthur in Arthur The King.
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It’s a known fact that if you pair an animal and a touching storyline together, you’re almost guaranteed to have a winning combination for a movie. Arthur the King is proving this to be true once again as it quickly steals the hearts of audiences everywhere on the 2024 movie schedule. Less than a week after its release, hundreds of fans have voiced their love for the movie online, and one star from the cast is especially thankful for all the kind words: Mark Wahlberg.

The actor took to Instagram to share his appreciation for how well-received his movie was by viewers, specifically on Rotten Tomatoes. On the rating platform, Arthur the King stands strong with a 98% Audience Score. As the positive comments and ratings continued to to pour in, Wahlberg wrote on his post:

Appreciating all the audience love for #ArthurTheKing!!! 🏆🔥🐶❤️

Even though Rotten Tomatoes critics didn’t rate it as highly (67% on the Tomatometer), it definitely landed well with viewers, and they’re not swaying away from their opinions. There were a few words from fans that kept popping up in the reviews: wholesome, feel good, and inspirational. So it seems what audiences really connected to was the heartfelt and family-friendly direction that movie took. Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • Linda W.: Heartwarming devotion and determination of man and dog!!

  • Danny: Great movie, made you feel good. All actors were great. Need more of this type of movies.

  • Serena: Loved it. Based on true events and it's a good movie for the whole family!

  • Doris H.: I love true stories, and this had all the ingredients for a hit. So much heart, action and done to perfection.

  • Crazygant: Yes! Family entertainment but theres also drama & passion. Heartfelt. Just what we all need these days.

  • Deanne: Could not be more inspirational!!! This guy his journey to becoming everything he was looking for took a little left turn for the better! My husband and I loved every second of it. I was sad when it was over!

This movie falls in line with what Mark Wahlberg has mentioned before about starting a “new chapter in his career” and taking on more “meaningful” roles as he gets older. He’s known for not shying away from brutal, action-packed movies like in Four Brothers and Patriots Day. On the flip side, some of the best Mark Wahlberg movies include sometimes-very-inappropriate humor. The Other Guys is one of those, and I will always hold it closely to my heart.

More recently, he’s taken on roleprojectss that are richer and more insightful, like Arthur and Father Stu, or lighter and friendlier, like The Union, another 2024 movie. Wahlberg hasn’t quit the action genre completely though, as a new thriller named Flight Risk is next on his list. But with the glowing reviews for Arthur, there’s no doubt that he’s doing a great job with his career changeup, and that fans are really enjoying seeing him in more wholesome roles.

While Wahlberg has been the center of rumors about retirement, it looks like the actor still has a lot he wants to do on screen. With the movies he’s starred in recently, I’m very excited to see what warming stories he’ll bring to life next. And if his story about a man with his dog didn’t already bring me to tears enough, if any of his future roles involve him and a cat, then it’s all over for me.

Arthur the King is currently in theaters. If you’re looking for something that is a great and safe option for you and your loved ones, definitely check this one out!