Man dumbfounded by wife’s ‘entitled’ financial demands: ‘I only see this getting worse’

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A man doesn’t know how to handle his wife’s bizarre money requests.

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He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. His wife doesn’t work, and he covers all of their expenses. But after he hired a new assistant, his wife became adamant the salary should go to her instead.

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“I hired an assistant to help with the business I operate,” he wrote. “Every month at salary time my wife gets upset and jealous.”

According to the Redditor, the wife will ask him things like, “How can you give this other woman more money than your wife?”

The Redditor explained that he gives his wife a card with some cash on it for basic household expenses like food and clothes.

“Business expenses are not to be mixed with family expenses and she should let me run the business the way I see fit,” he added. “She lives a lifestyle where she doesn’t work and doesn’t worry about bills, expenses, etc.”

He also noted that their budget is tight — but anytime he mentioned that to his wife, she would ask why he had enough money to give to the assistant.

“What can I do here? I feel like I need a voice of reason from somewhere,” he asked.

Redditors thought the wife was setting off some major red flags.

“She sounds entitled and I only see this getting worse,” a user wrote.

“Your wife sounds like a spoiled brat,” another commented.

“Why would you want to stay married to someone who acts like that and treats your employees like they don’t deserve to be paid… why is that not the biggest red flag ever to you?” someone added.

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