Mama Kelce's New Gig Will Help You Sleep Better at Night

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Donna Kelce x Calm

Looking for a better way to wind down into a restful night's sleep? Donna Kelce has you covered.

Mother of NFL stars Jason and Travis Kelce is releasing her very own Sleep Story on Calm, entitled "The Rules of Football," offering listeners a snoozy tale that will take them through the ins and outs of the game she knows all too well.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the sport, Mama Kelce's warm narration will coach you ahead of next season while gently dozing you off to sleep with her comforting voice.

Donna's Sleep Story will not only school you on all the football rules, but the tale is also riddled with Kelce family easter eggs, including her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and a recount of the many football games she's attended for Travis and Jason (which she estimates to be at least "a billion.")


While discussing her new project, the mother and grandmother said, "Everyone always wants to know how I encourage my boys before big games…but every mama knows that any job well done starts with a good night's sleep!"

"In 'The Rules of Football,' my new Sleep Story with Calm, I get to show off my expertise and love for the game, while hopefully putting you to sleep in the process!"

Donna joins Calm’s extensive library of Sleep Stories voiced by other celebrities, including Harry Styles, Camilla Cabello, LeBron James, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Kevin Bacon and Cillian Murphy, just to name a few.

"The Rules of Football"  is available exclusively on Calm, starting May 7. 

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