Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey Launches a Vegan Spot Stick Concealer

Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has released her first-ever base product dubbed the Spot Stick Concealer. Providing full coverage and seamless blending, the formulation is vegan, cruelty-free and devoid of fragrances.

The concealer is made of ingredients that complement the skin, such as vitamin E and sunflower seed oil. Encompassing a range of 13 shades, it can be applied simply by using a clean finger, cotton bud or sponge. Inspired by Dempsey's "spot basing" technique, it is specifically designed to cover only what the user needs to conceal instead of putting on a full face of foundation.

The Spot Stick Concealer is now available on Jillian Dempsey's website for $32 USD.