Lindsay Lohan Wrote Her Husband the Sweetest Message via Her Manicure

We don't know about you, but Lindsay Lohan's reemergence back into the spotlight gives us life. With everything going on in her life, from having a number one film on Netflix to making red carpet appearances, her life is a whirlwind. This is why her engagement turned marriage this past July was lowkey. In fact, the event was so lowkey that even her recent subtle nail tribute to her husband went under the radar — but we caught the tea.

At the Falling For Christmas screening, Lohan sported a sweet love message to her husband, Badar Shammas. Her manicurist Elle Gerstein painted a charming gold "B" and "L" on the star's ring finger in traditional typeface font. Bringing the sweetheart initials together was a simple gold dot to solidify the union. The manicure was kept clean and chic with a nude base. It's a smart choice for the actor, given her many press appearances. The look is versatile and could fit with any ensemble.

Lohan's nail moments instantly make you want to doodle love notes in your notebook with a fluffy pen to your crush. Although the description was very specific, you know exactly what we mean. BRB — we're going to find tissues as we're gushing over the moment.


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