Let's Be Honest: Ice Cube Is Nothing But A Closet Conservative

Photo: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for BIG3 (Getty Images)
Photo: Todd Kirkland/Getty Images for BIG3 (Getty Images)

Whether you agree with him or not, Ice Cube is never going to back down.

Last week, the legendary rapper took to X, to announce that the BIG, his pro 3-on-3 basketball league, is returning and will be streaming on X on June 13th.

In response to a user asking why BIG3 is no longer on Rumble Video, Cube said, “Cause we’re on X… better ask somebody.”

Unsurprisingly, this led to some criticism, with one user in particular catching the attention of the “Lethal Interjection” MC, writing in the comment section, “Love and respect Cube but his alignment with a white supremest is all we need to know. I get it money matters so do you my guy. Just keep it 100 and don’t Trojan horse for them. White Supremacy is who you are and represent. Enjoy!!”

When someone noted that they disagreed with the user, he added, “I respect you’re response but just look and see who Elon connects himself to and tell me I’m wrong. I still have respect for Cube, always will. However I’m not blind to his who he aligns with. I like the Big 3, Both things can be right at the same time.”

This comment, in particular, caught the attention of Cube, who wrote in response, “Shut yo b***h a** up! I ain’t aligned with nothing, punk. I draw my own f****n lines.”

This isn’t the first time Ice Cube has collaborated with a controversial conservative figure. Must we forget that he was also under fire in October 2020 after it was revealed that he was working with the Trump administration just days before the Presidential Election?

Cube himself and people on Trump’s staff confirmed that the hip-hop mogul had input on the former president’s Platinum Plan, which was essentially an idea to help support Black MAGA supporters. It never saw the light of day since Trump lost the election.

But Cube still faced some heat for even trying to talk to Trump.

Looks like he won’t be able to dodge the criticism this time again when it comes to his collaboration with Musk’s company.

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