Lena Waithe calls out Hollywood Reporter and Variety for ignoring Black shows: 'They act like we don't even belong'

On The Late Late Show With James Corden Monday, Emmy-winning screenwriter Lena Waithe was not afraid to call out media outlets, specifically The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, for ignoring Black TV shows during award season.

While promoting her new show Twenties, which airs on BET and is a show about three Black women in their 20s, one of whom is a lesbian and the lead character, Waithe said that it is some of the most important work she has ever done and hopes that the Television Academy takes notice. However, when Corden said that he couldn't imagine they wouldn't, that's when Waithe got real.

"Look, I just read The Hollywood Reporter, and The Hollywood Reporter has some explaining to do, because their list of TV Emmy nominees, like, people that are hopefuls, all the Black shows are, like, on the long shot list or a major threat," said Waithe.

"It's, like, don't act like Black television is invisible," continued Waithe. "And that's up to places like The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety, and all these trades, to not ignore the Insecures, the BlackAFs the Dear White Peoples. They have ignored our shows for so long, and they act like we don't even belong in the conversation. And I think it's unfair. I think it's not cool, and I don't have any qualms about calling them out on that."

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