Malcolm Jenkins asks NFL owners for help in turning players' initiatives into actual legislation

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins appeared Monday on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, where he called on NFL owners to use their political powers to implement real change.

“It's cool to put out statements and cut checks, but where the NFL really has a lot of power is in its lobbying,” said Jenkins, who has been a vocal leader on issues concerning racial inequality both in and outside of the league. Owners often use lobbyists to help push legislation which benefits their various businesses.

“We’d love to see them take that same kind of power and clout and use it to help in the areas players are standing up for, players are protesting about,” said Jenkins. “That is the biggest way I think they can help players' initiatives is really help push it on a legislative standpoint.”

While Jenkins would like owners to bring forward legislation to help all those affected by racism, he believes they can, at least, start by implementing changes in their own buildings. He called for owners to immediately address the lack of Black people in positions of power and advocate for racial equality.

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