How 'The Lego Movie 2' scored those surprising celebrity cameos (spoilers!)

Warning: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part spoilers ahead!

The makers of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part have been touting the major new additions to the cast, with comedy stars like Tiffany Haddish, Stephanie Beatriz and Ben Schwartz joining the frenetically entertaining fray alongside returning voices like Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett.

But there are a few cameos in the new hit animated sequel that will catch you for a loop. While folks like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return as superheroes Superman and Green Lantern, respectively, and DC stars Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot are onboard to voice Lego versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, fans who saw the film over the weekend got an unexpected surprise in the bricky form of Bruce Willis playing… well, Bruce Willis (though he bears a striking resemblance to Bruce Willis as Die Hard‘s John McClane).

Drafting the veteran screen hero — who hasn’t done much comedy in recent years — was surprisingly cut and dry.

“We just wrote him into the script because we thought it would be funny, and called to ask him if he would do it, and he said, ‘Yes,’” explained screenwriter and producer Chris Miller, who was joined at the film’s Los Angeles press day by partner in crime Phil Lord.

“We explained to him, ‘Look, in this film, you might just live in an air duct, but you’re ashamed of it,’” said director Mike Mitchell. “He said, ‘I get it. Let’s do it, let’s go!’”

Willis, who was a fan of 2014’s The Lego Movie, “requested a lot of Lego sets,” Lord said. “And we delivered those to him.”

The film also continues the surprising pop-culture run of 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who appears ever so briefly and personally signed off on her inclusion.

“We would not dare to do it without her permission,” Lord laughed. “You don’t want to get sued by a Supreme Court justice. She’s got the upper hand.”

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a minifigure in <em>The Lego Movie 2. </em>(Photo: Warner Bros.)
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a minifigure in The Lego Movie 2. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

A bonus upside for both Willis and Ginsburg after their involvement in the film? They’re both now officially Lego minifigures.

“I hope he comes with a little air duct set that you can play [with],” Mitchell said of Willis’s toy form.

As for RBG, “She didn’t want to be a toy unless it came with her gavel,” the director added. “So I think Lego has to include the tiny little gavel.”

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is now in theaters.

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