Let's shop 'The Lego Movie 2': Best deals on Lego toys and other tie-ins

Photo: Lego
Photo: Lego

Whenever there’s a new Lego movie, you can count on one thing: excellent tie-in toys. The release of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part this week is heralded by 19 new building toys, including an enormous brick city tucked inside the Statue of Liberty and a throwback ’80s space set. If that doesn’t enthuse your child (or inner child), there’s also a video game, a Unikitty pillow and an earworm that rivals “Everything Is Awesome.” Here’s our selection of the best new gifts in the Lego-verse.

“Welcome to Apocalypseburg” building set

For hardcore brick enthusiasts only, this compact model of the ruined Bricksburg (a nod to the legendary ending of Planet of the Apes) contains over 3,000 pieces. Among the many features of the 20-inch-tall play set: the Statue of Liberty’s torso (with a “chill-out” room behind her face), a tattoo parlor, a rooftop diner and 12 new minifigures, including Harley Quinn and “Where are my pants?” Guy.

Shop it: $299.99, lego.com

The Lego Movie 2 videogame

Play through Emmet’s rescue mission with this film-inspired game for Xbox, PS4 or Switch. Building on the previous Lego Movie game, this one features over 100 playable characters to unlock, with a special build attack for each character.

Shop it: $39.99, Amazon

Benny’s Space Squad building set

Old-school Lego builders will appreciate this homage to the Classic Space sets of the ’70s and ’80s. Super-enthusiastic astronaut Benny comes with three friends, a spaceship and a lunar buggy.

Shop it: $9.99, lego.com

Lego Movie Maker

Got your own idea for a Lego Movie sequel? This kit contains a stage with interchangeable backgrounds designed to hold characters, props and vehicles while you shoot a stop-motion masterpiece on your smartphone.

Shop it: $49.99, lego.com

Unikitty’s Sweetest Friends EVER! building set

For the kawaii lover or sugar fiend in your life, here’s Unikitty accompanied by adorable ice cream and chocolate bar figures, plus a tea trolley carrying tiny plastic snacks.

Shop it: $9.99, lego.com

“Catchy Song” MP3 by Dillon Francis feat. T-Pain & That Girl La Lay

It’s going to be stuck in your head anyway. Might as well put it on your phone!

Shop it: $1.29, iTunes

Rex’s Rexplorer building set

Oddly enough, The Lego Movie 2‘s other Chris Pratt-voiced character is really good with raptors. This Jurassic-sized building set comes with dueling Pratts (Rex and Emmet), two dinosaurs (accessorized with a skateboard and a mounted gun, respectively), two attacking “Plantimals,” and a big old tanklike spaceship with spring-loaded shooters, rotating engines and a removable speeder.

Shop it: $119.99, lego.com

Unikitty buddy pillow

Sometimes you’re just too tired to build something. Here’s the film’s cutest character in a fuzzy, huggable form.

Shop it: $19.99, target.com

Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box

Tiffany Haddish’s villain can take any form, so why not invent your own? The “build whatever” box comes with 455 pieces in the queen’s color scheme, which can transform into predesigned shapes like an octopus and a toaster… or whatever other creatures, vehicles and household objects you can devise.

Shop it: $39.99, lego.com

WyldStyle and Emmet BrickHeadz

The latest characters to join LEGO’s line of cute lil’ buildable collectibles are Wyldstyle and Emmet, both for sale exclusively at Walmart.

Shop it: $39.99, Walmart.com

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