Kremlin threatens with "consequences" after France's decision to provide long-range missiles to Ukraine

The Kremlin has issued a warning of "consequences and countermeasures" in response to France's decision to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ offensive.

Source: Russian Interfax, citing a statement by Russian President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

Quote: "It is definitely still to be determined what kind of range [of missiles – ed.] we are talking about. We believe this is a wrong decision, fraught with consequences for the Ukrainian side, as it will naturally force us to take countermeasures."

Details: He claims that these decisions allegedly "cannot influence the course of events" in Ukraine.

Background: On 11 July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced during the NATO summit in Vilnius that the country had decided to provide Ukraine with missiles that would allow it to strike deep into the Russian rear.

Macron did not specify the name of the weapon, but it is likely to be a SCALP air-to-ground missile, an analogue of the Storm Shadow, as it is a Franco-British design.

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