Kourtney Kardashian claps back at the haters on Twitter

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were fighting again! This time over candy.

While planning a joint Candy Land-themed birthday party for Penelope Disick and North West, Kourtney insisted there be no candy because of its "disgusting chemicals," which, to Kim, was just insane.

"Kourtney has this vision of no sugar or no disgusting chemicals in candy, but it's, like, a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone because Kourtney has decided that it just doesn't make sense, and it really wasn't the theme of what North and Penelope wanted for their birthday,” explained Kim.

"There's just better solutions to things, instead of your dated candy that's, like, literally food coloring that gives people diseases," Kourtney told Kim.

Kourtney went on to tell Kim that having candy at the party is not her "brand," which Kim pointed out, "Your brand? This is about a kids party. This is not about your brand." Kourtney tried to explain that it's simply not what she stands for, which set Kim off. "Then why does your car have leather seats? Why are you wearing plastic glasses?"

Twitter was here for Kim's mic drop:

Kourtney explained, "I can't believe that Kim isn't willing to compromise at all and that she doesn't feel guilty about giving not only her kids and my kids, but all these kids that are coming to our party, so much junk and candy. It's just, like, it's such a dated vibe to be like that." Later in the episode, the debate picked back up while Kim and Khloé Kardashian were at Kourtney's house.

"My kids eat at home really healthy. Really, really healthy," Kim told Kourtney. Kim added, "And the one day they want a Candy Land birthday party and you're saying they can't have sugar?"

Prior to the conversation, Kourtney had told the party planner to not listen to Kim, and to not have any candy at the party, which Kim thought was ridiculous.

Kim stated, "If you're a kid and you think you're going to a Candy Land-themed party and there's just decorations everywhere and the Candy Land floor, but there's no candy?" Kourtney, again, told Kim she was being "dated."

"There's plenty of things, of treats. You're, like, dated. You're, like, in the past," said Kourtney. Kim screamed, "It's a Candy Land themed party! Yes! That's, like, what the party is about: Candy Land. It's not Gluten-free Land over here." Kourtney argued, "Everyone's gonna come to this party and everything is gonna be disgusting chemicals? We need to have some healthy options." Kim suggested Kourtney change the theme of the party because a Candy Land-themed party with no candy was "insane."

Not only was Kim so over Kourtney, viewers on Twitter also had some thoughts and Kourtney was doing a lot of clapping back to the haters, who were tweeting about how "annoying" they think Kourtney is and how they hope she quits the show.

However, despite the fact that Kourtney still stands by her beliefs about candy, in the end, she gave in and the party had all the candy in the land. In fact, it was Kim who was regretting it in hindsight.

"I can't believe I'm saying this. Way too much candy," Kim admitted to Kourtney. "I'm running around apologizing to parents, like, 'I'm so sorry for your sugar rush.'"

"So, maybe you'll listen to your older and wiser sister next time?" Kourtney asked Kim.

"But I still wouldn't because your suggestion was a sugar-free Candy Land party," Kim replied.

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