Kimmel and Colbert hammer Trump for praising Putin amid invasion of Ukraine

On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Kimmel and Colbert took time out of their monologues to address former President Trump’s remarks regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Trump has praised Putin’s justification for the invasion, calling him a genius, and blamed the invasion on Trump’s lie that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

“It takes a special kind of son of a bitch to see innocent people fleeing their homes and think, ‘How can I make this about me?’” Kimmel said. “But nobody does that better than Donald Trump.

“There are hundreds of casualties in Ukraine, images of families running for their lives, and not only hasn’t Trump condemned Putin, ‘Sar-a-Lago’ has been praising his KGBFF. He called him a genius. He called what he's doing wonderful. He keeps defending Putin, which is embarrassing. He's never gonna date you, dude, give it up. There’s nothing good you can say about Vladimir Putin.”

It's important to keep our eyes on the unhinged fascist lunatic.Stephen Colbert

Colbert had clearly seen the same interviews as Kimmel, as well as the speech Trump gave at Mar-a-Lago in which he also praised Putin. But since Trump left office, Colbert refuses to speak his name on The Late Show, instead giving Trump a different name each time he talks about him.

“Amidst all this horror, it's important to keep our eyes on the unhinged fascist lunatic,” Colbert said. “I’m talking about former President ‘Stonewall Jackass.’ He has been out there pushing a pro-Putin agenda, forever.”

Colbert also called out Fox News for some of its coverage of Putin and Ukraine in the lead-up to the invasion. Some at Fox, especially popular opinion host Tucker Carlson, defended Putin’s buildup of military forces along the Ukrainian border before the invasion began.

“The ex-prez took to Russian state media — I’m sorry, I misread that — Fox News, and he had a lot of opinions,” Colbert said. “He had a lot of opinions, just not a lot of information.”

Colbert was referencing an interview Trump did with Fox’s Laura Ingraham on Wednesday in which the former president became confused about who was landing on Ukrainian shores shortly after the invasion began. When Ingraham mentioned an amphibious landing by Russian forces, Trump thought she was talking about American troops.

“Sometimes he has trouble telling the difference between America and Russia,” Colbert said. “He knows he worked for one of them.”

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