Tyler Perry calls out Jimmy Kimmel for ignoring his invitation

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry joined Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday and called out Kimmel for skipping a very big moment. In the fall of 2019, Perry threw a party to celebrate the opening of his huge studio in Atlanta.

“Last time you were here, I don’t know if you remember,” Kimmel said, “was right after you’d opened your big studio in Atlanta.” “Yeah, that you didn’t come to the big party I had,” Perry replied as Kimmel laughed. “You got an invitation, that you didn’t come to. That one. I remember. I’m still scarred from it. And you said you’d send me a gift, and I still don’t have the gift. So where’s the gift? You didn’t come, you didn’t send the gift.”

Kimmel tried blaming COVID-19, but given that the party happened months before COVID was known to the general public, that didn’t work. So Kimmel invoked the name of another Jimmy, but that excuse also fell flat.

“I figured it must have been intended for Jimmy Fallon or something,” Kimmel said. “I was thinking, like, ‘Well why would I be invited to your party?’” “Well, it said Jimmy Kimmel, and I did a special video to you saying please come,” Perry responded. “So I don’t know how you could have gotten that mistaken.”

In the end, Kimmel couldn’t make up for his absence, but he could give Perry gifts. Kimmel sent Guillermo to one of the nearby shops on Hollywood Boulevard to get something for Perry, and he came back with… what are technically gifts. Guillermo returned with a “Best Dad Oscar” and a magnet that says Hollywood on it. Perry accepted and forgave Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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