Kim Kardashian wants to hire formerly incarcerated people

Kylie Mar
·Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and discussed the next step in her fight for criminal justice reform. “I think there’s such a stigma on people hiring formerly incarcerated people,” Kardashian told Fallon.

Kardashian has been seen as an influential advocate for prison reform since President Trump granted Alice Marie Johnson clemency last June, after Kardashian had advocated on her behalf. During Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Johnson made an emotional cameo as Trump admitted that her story is an example of the “disparities and unfairness that can exist in criminal sentencing.”

Kardashian echoed those sentiments, telling Fallon, “There’s so many people that are incarcerated for life. For murder, that maybe they were just next to someone, and there was a group of people, and a fight broke out and somebody unfortunately died. But they didn’t even hit the person, didn’t even have a weapon and were serving life.”

Kardashian told Fallon that she believes people who are pardoned deserve a second chance, and she has one idea of how she can help them once they get out. “I would love to hire formerly incarcerated people,” she said.

Kardashian, who is wildly successful in her business ventures, which include her KKW Beauty cosmetics line, Kimoji fragrances and mobile app, is a savvy entrepreneur who can provide opportunities for people who have been in prison, and she hopes that other companies follow suit.

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