Donald Trump's SOTU roasted by all the late night hosts

Stephen Proctor

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night gave late night hosts plenty of fodder. One of the most memorable moments came as many of the newly elected women in Congress, many wearing suffragette white, stood to cheer when Trump touted the growing number of women in the workforce. This seemed to be a very proud moment for the president, but on a live Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host pointed out the irony.

“Most of those jobs were new Democratic women in Congress,” Colbert said. After the celebration, Trump told the women, “You weren’t supposed to do that.” Colbert responded, “Donald Trump trying to tell women what to do is why they won.”

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah was also live, and Noah found something odd about the thriving economy: The way Trump described it.

“We are considered far and away the hottest economy in the world,” Trump said. “That’s right, folks,” Noah said in his best Trump voice, “the economy is so hot, so hot it could totally be my daughter. So damn hot.” Colbert made a similar joke.

Trump spent much of the almost 90-minute speech on immigration and his call for his much-disputed border wall. So on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host may have been only slightly exaggerating when he said, “Trump talked more about fighting aliens tonight than Sigourney Weaver.”

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