Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik to Appear in Another TV Show Together

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After the announcement that Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are the permanent co-hosts of Jeopardy!, it looks like the two are taking on sitcom television together as well!

As reported by TVLine, Jennings is set to appear as himself in the season 3 premiere of Bialik's Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat.

The show returns on Sept. 25 and in the first new episode, Bialik's character Kat meets Jennings on a plane ride back from Paris.

According to TVLine's report, Kat is extremely talkative on the flight and wants to discuss all of her adventures in Europe, but Jennings would much rather catch some shut-eye.

Call Me Kat stars Bialik as Kat, a 39-year-old woman who opens a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky after leaving her job as a professor. The show deals with Kat trying to find happiness while dealing with loneliness and feeling unfulfilled.

The series also stars Swoosie Kurtz as Sheila, Kat's mother; Kyla Pratt as Randi, a waitress at Kat's café; and Leslie Jordan as Phil, the head baker at the café.

Also in the main cast are: Julian Gant as Carter, Randi's boyfriend who owns a piano bar next to the cat café; Cheyenne Jackson as Max, who is Kat's old friend that starts working at the piano bar; and Christopher Rivas as Oscar, someone Kat becomes romantically involved with.

At the end of Call Me Kat Season 2, Kat left to go to Paris and take some time for herself. It looks like there will be a time-jump at the beginning of Season 3, with Kat on her way back to Louisville after the eventful trip, which is when she meets Jennings.

While Jennings and Bialik are technically co-hosts of Jeopardy!, they are unlikely to appear on-screen together for the game show, so it'll be a nice change to see the two interact in comedy series.

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