Keke Palmer Snuck A Photo Of The Met Gala's Food And Twitter Promptly Freaked Out

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Keke Palmer Snuck A Photo Of The Met Gala's Food And Twitter Promptly Freaked Out

Keke Palmer hosted the red carpet of the most fashionable night of the year on Monday–the Met Gala. A coveted ticket to the event will set you back $30,000. With a price tag like that, you'd expect the food to be top notch, right? Well Keke gave us a glimpse at what was on offer.

Knowing that Keke was at the event, one fan tweeted her to say: "Give us all the teaaaa! What’s on the menu?" To which Keke, who starred in Nickelodeon's True Jackson VP, replied with a photo of her "meal" and wrote: "This why they don’t show y’all the food I’m just playinnnn."

Along with the picture she added, "The menu chile."

From what could be seen in the photo, the 28-year-old's meal at the Met Gala comprised of tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, and mushrooms–and Twitter was not impressed in the slightest.

"It’s giving bougie hospital food," one Twitter user penned.

Another of Keke's followers replied: "Ohhh chile they must have been cooking on a budget."

Here's some more gold Twitter reactions:

But, maybe the food isn't so bad. Vogue reported that celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson challenged 10 New York chefs to create a plant-based menu for the event that would fit the theme of 'In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.'

It has been reported that guests at the gala enjoyed a selection of canapés before sitting down for a lavish meal. The first course was a salad made with farm-to-table ingredients. The main dish was creamy barley with corn, pickled turnips, and roasted maitake, and the final dish of the night was an apple mousse and apple confit with a calvados glaze.

Pretty fancy, huh? But is it worth the $30,000 ticket? Hmmm...

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