Kate Hudson Announces Album ‘Glorious:’ ‘Realer’ Than ‘Anything I’ve Done in My Life’

Kate Hudson - Credit: Guy Aroch*
Kate Hudson - Credit: Guy Aroch*

Kate Hudson is dropping her first album ever, and it’s Glorious.

On Wednesday, the Oscar-winning actress revealed that she’ll be releasing the 12-track album Glorious on May 17 after dropping a pair of singles earlier this year. She also dropped the track “Gonna Find Out” on Wednesday.

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“I’d say it doesn’t seem real,” Hudson said in a press release. “But the truth is: this is realer to me than anything I’ve done in my entire life. It was always this, I just needed to get to a place where I was ready… and the songs got to the core of who I am.”

Hudson said she’d spent years “quietly making music and living inside the songs” before deciding she was finally ready to release music. Hudson worked with Johan Carlsson, Danny Fujikawa and Linda Perry on the music, though she is recording the music independently and distributing it through Virgin Music.  Hudson took inspiration from Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Madonna, and Joni Mitchell when creating the record.

“I wanted something that was sexy and delicious, vulnerable and strong, willing and fearless – and especially gloriously in love with the way life takes you on this journey if you’ll just show up and be open,” she said in the release. “I wanted songs that could reach across all that, and that is a lot to cover.”

Hudson previously dropped singles “Talk About Love” and “Live Forever” last month. The second track is about her son Ryder and the memories of his childhood and a “love letter” to parents.

“Depending on how you listen, it could be a song of first love, young love, because it has the element of being barely an adult. If that’s how it is for you, I love that,” Hudson previously said of that song. “But for me, it’s about the absolutely consuming joy Ryder was for me from the moment he arrived.”

“Nothing can prepare you for a love that swallows you whole, but that’s what watching my son grow up has been for me – and when we started writing these songs, it was a feeling that absolutely had to be part of the record,” she added.

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