Justin Bieber confirms engagement to Hailey Baldwin: 'My heart is completely and fully yours'

Justin Bieber just announced what the world already knew: He and Hailey Baldwin are engaged.

The 24-year-old singer confirmed the happy news on Instagram, explaining that he was going to wait to say anything, “but word travels fast.” In a heartfelt post addressed to his fiancée, Bieber calls the 21-year-old model the “love of my life,” declaring that he’s “so committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindly.” (Save some of your vows for the ceremony, Justin!)

Baldwin tweeted how “utterly grateful” she is for Bieber.

After a whirlwind courtship — for the second time — the “Sorry” singer popped the question to Stephen Baldwin’s daughter on Saturday in the Bahamas, less than two months after the pair got back together. While some reports cite insiders saying the proposal isn’t a surprise, multiple people close to the newly engaged couple tell Yahoo Entertainment otherwise.

“It was a big shock,” says one source who knows both Bieber and Baldwin well. “A month and a half ago, it supposedly ‘wasn’t serious,’ so yeah — [the proposal] took a lot of people by surprise.”

A second insider, who knows the couple socially, says their group of friends was “pretty shocked” as well. “But they seem happy and great together, so more power to them,” adds the source.

If it’s a lot to digest for the power couple’s friends, Beliebers are surely still reeling. Here is a breakdown of everything we know.

How it went down

After buying the ring in New York City, Bieber proposed in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas. Apparently, Baldwin was just as surprised as some of their friends.

“Justin made arrangements for the ring when they were in NYC and knew that he wanted to propose to her. It was a sudden decision, but Justin always knew Hailey and him had a special bond that was incomparable,” a source tells E! News. “The proposal was a very happy moment, and Hailey was taken off-guard. Her face was in shock, but you could tell they are both so in love.”

Bieber proposed at a restaurant in the resort, and before it happened, his security team asked diners to put their phones away, as something special was about to happen, per TMZ.

The rock is big

Bieber and Baldwin are hardly in hiding. As engagement news broke on Sunday, they celebrated at Nippers Beach Bar & Grill. The model showed off her bling — and it’s massive.

Photo: pbrandonews via Twitter
Photo: pbrandonews via Twitter

They were swarmed by people but seemed unfazed. Bieber danced in front of the crowd of locals and seemed in a celebratory mood.

Their families are thrilled

Stephen Baldwin, 52, tweeted how happy he was for his little girl and shared a verse from the Bible. He deleted the post, but not before fans got a screen grab of his comment.

Photo: hrbdaily via Twitter
Photo: hrbdaily via Twitter

Bieber’s father, Jeremy, also posted about how “proud” he is of his son.

@justinbieber Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!

A post shared by Jeremy Bieber (@jeremybieber) on Jul 8, 2018 at 8:31am PDT

And Bieber’s mother, Pattie, is all about love.

Justin has actually talked about marrying Hailey before

Here’s a flashback for you: After the pair’s short-lived romance two years ago, Bieber actually talked about the possibility of Baldwin being the one. In a GQ profile in 2016, he described her as “someone I really love.”

“I don’t want to put anyone in a position where they feel like I’m only theirs, only to be hurt in the end,” he shared. “Right now in my life, I don’t want to be held down by anything. I already have a lot that I have to commit to. A lot of responsibilities. I don’t want to feel like the girl I love is an added responsibility.”

He added, “I know that in the past I’ve hurt people and said things that I didn’t mean to make them happy in the moment. So now I’m just more so looking at the future, making sure I’m not damaging them. What if Hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry, right? If I rush into anything, if I damage her, then it’s always gonna be damaged. It’s really hard to fix wounds like that. It’s so hard. … I just don’t want to hurt her.”

Baldwin told E! News at the time that she found the admission “awesome.”

What about Selena Gomez?

Be honest: Your first thought after the news broke was all about Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. After all, he and Gomez only ended their relationship in March and have been on-again, off-again since 2010. Sources tell Yahoo Entertainment that Gomez, 25, is “fine” and “in a great place right now.”

On Sunday, she spent the day with friends on a boat in New York City and made an appearance on social media after the proposal buzz. Her bestie, Theresa, posted a photo that showed the “Back to You” singer looking carefree in a bikini.


A post shared by Theresa Marie Mingus (@tmarie247) on Jul 8, 2018 at 12:26pm PDT

And let’s be real — you know Gomez had to approve the Instagram beforehand, as it would surely be picked up by news outlets everywhere. Clearly, she wants to send the message that she’s cool. It’s interesting to note, the comments section has been disabled on that particular pic.

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