JTBC’s Upcoming K-Drama No Secrets Cast: Go Kyung-Pyo, Kang Ha-Na, Joo Jong-Hyuk & More

No Secrets
No Secrets (Photo Credit: Instagram, IMDb)

JTBC‘s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday K-drama is No Secrets in which Go Kyung-Pyo, Kang Ha-Na, and Joo Jong-Hyuk play the lead roles. Written by Choi Kyeong-Seon and directed by Jang Ji-Yeon, the emotional drama is already buzzing on the internet.

The unique storyline revolves around Song Ki-Baek (Go Kyung-Pyo). He is an announcer who faces a rare disease of the out-of-control tongue, where he speaks anything without thinking first. In the process, he meets with On Woo-Joo (Kang Ha-Na), who is an entertainment show writer. After getting attracted to his harsh words, she brings him to her variety show. What happens then is all about the drama.

No Secrets: Cast, character & plot details

No Secrets is a light-hearted and humorous drama that revolves around a well-mannered person who suddenly starts to speak without thinking. Go Kyung-Pyo plays that well-mannered and kind person, Song Ki-Baek. Song Ki-Baek is a 33-year-old man who works as an announcer and is single. He will portray a unique character development in the drama where he will transfer from being polite to a person who speaks harshly.

As per Newsen, on the other hand, Kang Ha-Na will play On Woo-Joo, an entertainment show writer. She has been in the industry for a long time. Woo-Joo believes in viewership ratings and can do anything to boost that up. Ha-Na brings a new perspective to the character and adds positivity to the whole cast.

While Joo Jong-Hyuk plays a singer’s character, Kim Jeong-Heon, he has one of the highest ratings in the industry. However, when he failed after debuting as an idol at 20, he went around auditioning and acquired the second position at a trot audition program. His dream is to work with his former lover Woo-Joo. The chance comes but how he acts on it and confesses his feelings about it will be shown in the drama.

Viewers are already quite excited about the unison of Kyung-Pyo, Ha-Na, and Jong-Hyuk in No Secrets. It is available to stream on JTBC.

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