Joy Behar slams astrology as 'pseudoscience' that 'leads to anti-vaxxers'

Joy Behar dismissed astrology as a “pseudoscience” on Wednesday’s episode of The View, but she didn’t stop there. She went on to express her belief that people who think astrology is real “leads to anti-vaxxers, which leads to measles.”

The conversation happened during their “Day of Hot Topics” after Whoopi Goldberg presented the co-hosts with a list of things the Washington Post suggested readers should “toss” in 2019 (other suggestions included bacon, perfume, and the phrase “double down”). Co-hosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin laughed at the suggestion that there’s a link between astrology and the anti-vax movement, but Behar, well, doubled down on her position.

“The connection is very obvious”, she said. “It’s not astronomy, it’s astrology, there’s no such thing. It’s made up stuff.”

The View is no stranger to anti-vax controversies. In 2013, the show added Jenny McCarthy to its panel. McCarthy had been vocal about the link between vaccines and her son’s autism, despite the CDC’s report that this is not the case.

Some people took to Twitter to defend astrology, dismissing Joy’s assessment.

One person attacked Behar for shaming anti-vaxxers:

However, some did support Behar, but seemingly because they thought her connection between astrology and anti-vaxxers was humorous.

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