John Oliver calls out 'foolish' people who won't get vaccinated: 'You're the f***ing problem'

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver addressed the rapidly spreading Delta variant of COVID-19, particularly among the unvaccinated, with the U.S. averaging around 100,000 new infections a day.

Oliver specifically focused on children, who represent 15 percent of the new cases, and just how hard people are fighting against basic measures to help curb the spread, like having mask mandates in schools.

He pointed to a scene that was caught on video outside a Tennessee school board meeting as an example. In the clip, parents can be seen verbally assaulting a school board member after the meeting with threats like “we know who you are” and “we will find you.”

Currently in states like Iowa, Texas and Florida, the governors have banned schools from implementing mask mandates. Leaving it up to the parents to fend for themselves when it comes to keeping their kids safe.

While vaccination numbers are slowly starting to climb again around the country, Oliver argues that it’s simply not enough. He also believes that the lack of adults getting vaccinated is pretty much the main reason why mask mandates in school is even still a debate.

“We are only fighting about masks in schools because there are a bunch of foolish adults that have decided not to get the vaccine,” Oliver said. “And to all of them, I can only say — to quote a bunch of upsettingly loud idiots — ‘We know who you are,’ and you’re the f***ing problem.”

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