'Bachelorette' Katie Thurston's incredibly tense and heated confrontation with Greg Grippo

Katie Thurston's journey on The Bachelorette officially came to an end Monday night and, spoiler alert, it's a happy one! Well, sorta.

Despite last week's dramatic fight with Greg Grippo, whose early and unexpected exit left Katie demanding producers to book her a flight home so she could quit the show, the Bachelorette ultimately decided to continue her journey with the two remaining men and found her happily ever after with Blake Moynes. In fact, after her one-on-one Fantasy Suite date with Blake, during which they both said "I love you" to each other, Katie was so sure that Blake was the one, that she immediately sent Justin Glaze home. In the end, Blake was the last man standing and the only one that Katie introduced to her family.

However, before Katie and Blake could officially flaunt their engagement to the world, Katie had to first have an uncomfortable conversation with former love interest Greg during the "After the Final Rose" special. The confrontation was tense from the beginning, when Katie entered the stage without greeting, hugging or even acknowledging Greg.

"I never felt that you actually intended to probably ever get engaged in that journey together," Katie began.

While Greg pointed out that, despite everything that had happened, Katie found what she was looking for in the end, Katie shared, "But that doesn't take away the anger that I had watching this back and seeing the way you treated me, using me to get the experience, the exposure, dare I say, the acting practice? Um, at my expense. I mean, it was pretty good. Until the end when you kinda f***ed it up and ran away." Things quickly escalated into a super tense argument between the two, as Katie accused Greg of using and gaslighting her.

"The way you treated me, the way you said that you were so in love with me, I filled a hole in your heart, and the small second that things got awkward for you, uncomfortable, you ran. You're a liar. You did not love me, and if you think that's love, you don't know what love is," said Katie.

Greg managed to stay calm, cool and collected, as he explained to Katie, "A relationship is a two-way street. And yes, I know you're the Bachelorette but, still, that doesn't put you any higher in this relationship and me any lower. I emptied my heart out to you. I emptied my heart out to you on that couch, and all I got was just a pat on the back after it. I just wanted something real at the end of the day."

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Bachelor Nation was divided and couldn't decide which side to take, but many were not supportive of Katie's accusations that Greg was gaslighting her.

In the end, it was clear Katie and Greg were never going to see eye-to-eye. Fortunately, it doesn't really matter, since Katie is happily engaged to Blake, who some viewers were pointing out may have been feeling a little uncomfortable over Katie and Greg's exchange, as it was clear the two have some unresolved feelings for each other.

The Bachelorette season finale aired August 9th at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Watch Katie Thurston asking producers to book her a flight home following her dramatic fight with Greg:

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