John Cena Says The Time To Compete In WWE Might End Soon, His ‘Line In The Sand’ Is 50

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John Cena thinks he’s still got another run left, but he won’t overstay his welcome.

Cena spoke about his in-ring future on The Pat McAfee Show, stating that WrestleMania 40 was not his last time in the ring.

“[WWE WrestleMania 40] wasn’t my last night, so this doesn’t mean this is my last uniform. That means that, I’ve speculated a lot about when it is that I hang up the jorts, but it wasn’t last night, and I still got a little bit of rubber left on the tires.”

John Cena then explained why he continues to come back to WWE. He said that although he will turn 47 soon, he believes he could wrestle at a high level until he’s 50.

“It’s not tough because of the foundation I laid and the promise I made to each and every person who pays attention and gives themselves to WWE. When I feel I can no longer perform at the capacity of the product, it is time to step away. That’s not tough. The toughest thing is that I love it so much. [Co-host notes he fan still go at a high level] When that time is gone, that means that it’s done. I’m actively trying to craft that path right now, so I’ve put a line in the sand for myself for 50, and I honestly think it’s gonna be before that. I’ll be 47 in a few weeks. [McAfee says there’s still time] You got about 1,000 days.”

Closing Time

Cena went on to say that WrestleMania 40 was the best one ever, regardless if he was there. He will always be part of the WWE family, but that will outlast his time in the ring.

“Many are calling this the greatest WrestleMania ever. I agree, what a spectacle. What a fantastic WrestleMania. But that’s because of the talent that actually put the time in. I showed up for 90 seconds. This is the greatest WrestleMania, with or without my involvement. That is because of the now, the superstars we have now and their contribution to the business. It is gonna be time soon for me to go, and I’m embracing that and enjoying it, and it allows me to be present. I can say this with the utmost certainty, I will always be part of the WWE family, but the time to compete in the ring is coming to a close.”

Cena also appeared on WWE RAW, competing in a six-man tag team match alongside R-Truth and The Miz.

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