These Jobs Are Totally Remote — and They're Accepting Applications Right Now

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Woman at work from home patio
Woman at work from home patio

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After decades of commutes, cubicles, and fluorescent lighting, the definition of work is shifting to one that includes fuzzy slippers, hot lunches, and furry colleagues. And while water cooler banter may be a thing of the past (at least for now), there's no denying that most US workers are enjoying the shift to remote work. LinkedIn reported that their remote job listings attract twice the number of views and get 2.5 times the number of applications as onsite roles. And it seems companies are listening. Currently 1 in 8 jobs on the site are remote, while only 1 in 67 was considered to be work-from-home before the pandemic.

If you're ready to join the remote work revolution, you've come to the right place. These jobs are not only fully remote, but they're accepting applications right now. From brand managers to gigs that support low-cost health programs for kids, there's a little something for everyone.

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Forestry Partnerships Manager — Terraformation Inc.

Terraformation, a company that uses tech and strategic partnerships to back their reforestation mission, may be based in Hawaii, but they're looking for a fully remote partnerships manager to join their crew. In the role, you'll be charged with finding partners who can help the organization advance their reforestation mission — and if you happen to do it from a beach in Hawaii, all the better!

USA Brand Manager — Joma Jewellery & Katie Loxton

This UK-based accessory company is looking to expand their US market by hiring a brand manager who will lead the charge for Katie Loxton in the US. In addition to helping spread the word about the brand's jewelry, accessories, bags, and home goods, you'll be able to clock in from your home in the US while working with a family-run, international company.

Support & Product Education Specialist — Fieldwire

In this customer service role, you'll be working with clients via phone, chat, and email to solve problems and share information on Fieldwire's jobsite software. Not sure if you're ready to go fully remote? Once it's safe to do so, you can always swing by their offices in San Francisco or Scottsdale, Arizona a couple times a week... although working from home fully (wherever it may be) is perfectly acceptable.

Case Management Nurse — Anthem, Inc.

Just because you're a registered nurse doesn't mean you have to work in a clinic or hospital. In this remote role with Anthem, all you need is a RN license in your state and an adequate combination of education and experience to help people via the phone. Just keep in mind that the job's hours lend themselves to an applicant based on the East Coast, and one late evening of work a week is required.

Program Manager, Social Media — REI

This is a dream job for anyone who loves to get outside (or has a penchant for buying recreation gear). While the company is based in Seattle, they're open to hiring a remote team member to develop and run their seasonal campaigns via social media. To qualify, you'll need to be an "avid Reel/TikTok consumer." Ready. Set. Go.

Product & Services Communications — Ford Motor Company

You've likely heard of Ford Motor Company, and in this role, you'll actually help shape the brand's future. As the product and services communications associate, you'll work on content for Ford's future products and services — a job you can do from anywhere in the US.

Senior Energy Consultant — Sargent & Lundy

Energy is the focus of Sargent & Lundy, a company that leads the charge in the world of renewable energy, energy storage, fossil fuels, and grid modernization. As the company's senior energy consultant, you'll work on developing and executing power generation projects. Oh, and you can do it all from home.

Development Communications Manager — Athletes United for Social Justice

If you're looking for a job whose mission you can get behind (and you happen to love kids), this gig with Athletes United for Social Justice might be just the ticket. The nonprofit organization works to provide low-cost health promotion programs for kids, and you'll help by spreading the word about the organization through media, marketing, and communications.

Medical Scribe — Augmedix

In addition to providing live clinical support, Augmedix offers people medical documentation — which is where you come in. As a medical scribe, you'll work directly with health professionals to document the current health, family health history, and exam results of Augmedix clients.

Human Resource Manager — NTWRK

With support from LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger (among others), NTWRK offers original video content that's hosted by celebrities and paired with shoppable products from premier brands. As the human resource manager, you may not be working with LeBron, but you will help build the company from the inside out by hiring and retaining top talent from your home.